Helicopter on a golf course
My Short Story 1
The Way Over It is Through It


Natural Oil
Natural Oils for Healthy Hair

Keeping things organic and natural is becoming a trend most people are beginning to adopt…

Skinny Jean
Caution – Skinny Jeans may be Dangerous

Yeah, you heard right. Skinny jeans! It’s quite surprising, but sometimes the clothes we wear…

Healthy Breakfast
7 Breakfast Ideas for Workaholics

Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that we should…

Cucumber for eye care
Why You should use Cucumber on your Eyes

I’m sure that someway or the other, you’ve seen women with cucumber slices on their…

Oil Free Okra Soup
Oil-Free Okra Soup

Get in here fit fam! Did you know Okra (okra, okro, any one joor!) is…

Prevent Breast Cancer
Your Lifestyle and Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer has become one of the scariest medical condition known to the female gender.…

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It Always Gets Better

Out of habit, I reached for my phone to glance through the updates on my BBM feeds. His update was the second. The blue suit and red bow tie first caught my…

Steps to Self Discovery

There is nothing as satisfactory as knowing that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. To know that you are exactly where you should be. This essentially, is what life…

choice chance change
Certainty of Choice

If life was a person, it will be a beautiful, wealthy and controlling Queen, very much aware of her high demand and incapable of loyalty to anyone. Almost everything about life is…