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I Have More Time – This is What I am Doing With It
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I Have More Time – This is What I am Doing With It

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Recall my last blog about how I am beginning to think maybe loyalty is overrated? And how I am filling my time with things I have always wanted to do? Well, this blog is about those things. The change in my workplace and career experience came with a blessing – more time. So, instead of spending that extra time frivolously or letting unbeneficial activities occupy it, I have been more deliberate about choosing what I spend the time doing.

First, let me say that this entry is solely about my experience. So there is a chance you will be disappointed if you are looking for definitions or applications of time management theories. However, I believe that after reading this, someone will find some inspiration to make the best of what time, resources, skills, relationships and network that they have.

Think long-term goals and break into medium and short-term tasks.

I have come to realize that my life right now is the results of the goals I had ten years ago. My lifestyle, skills, career progression, achievements and personal development are all a product of what I imagined and aimed for it to be. I also realized to my dismay that while I was working towards being this person, I neglected to set further goals. It is a disappointing discovery, especially for someone like me, who has always been methodological about everything I do. So, with this honest self-assessment, I am now setting new long-term goals. I am talking 20-year, 50-year goals. I am not done – it is still work in progress. But it takes a lot of critical thinking, research and deep soul searching about my life’s purpose. I am not letting myself be distracted or immobilized by the obsession to define what my life’s purpose is now. I am comfortable with enjoying the process of discovery. So, if you ask me what my life’s purpose is right now, my answer will most likely be “I am not sure”. But I am sure I can tell you what drives me. That will be an entry for another day.

More Time for Further Education

In all my projection of where I see myself in the future, one thing is sure: I am a career woman. Building systems, analytical and organizational skills come quite easy for me. I guess this is why the change that has impacted my career recently means a lot to me. Most of my professional development in the last four years has been made while on the job. So, I figured that to improve my career prospects, there is no better time for a formal and further education. Taking an MBA program has been something I have always wanted to do. I did some research and after critical evaluation decided on an online option from a pathway college. It is not my first choice, but it is friendly to my current pocket size, gives me flexibility in keeping my job and offers a foreign degree I have always preferred. I have started the program, and it is still early days yet, but so far, the experience has been great. I am finding inspiration to deliver better on my job responsibilities, and my creativity has improved. I see myself coming up with new business ideas, how to increase productivity and better performance. I go to bed every night feeling fulfilled because I took steps towards my long-term goals in the day. Trust me, the feeling is fantastic.

Improve Job Performance and Work Experience

The extra time I have at work as also allowed me to re-evaluate the performance of my team, the effectiveness of our processes and the quality of our products. Things I hadn’t noticed or have been too busy to do anything about now has my attention. For one, I am currently reassessing the functionality of one of our product design and proffering ways to ensure a better experience of the product for our customers. I work more closely with my team members, and there has been a general lift in the workplace atmosphere.

My goal is to be more deliberate about what I fill my day with. The idea is to have all of my activities geared towards achieving my medium and long term goals. I will continue to share with you my learnings in this stage of my life and career. Until I write again, I look forward to reading from you in the comments section below.


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