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The Next Decade – What Do You See?
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The Next Decade – What Do You See?

Modern House this Decade

It is my first article this year and while I wish it came sooner, I am not sorry it is coming now. 🙂

The year has been really good for me. I see God’s faithfulness at every turn. There have been some changes in my perspective and it brings with it more fulfilment in different aspects of my life. But I digress from what this entry is really about.

In the last couple of months, I have been learning about dreaming and confession, and how powerful they can be in shaping lives. I learned that both need to go together before they can work.

During my year-end reflections, I realized three things;

  • The woman I am today, my achievements, my focus, – all are a result of my dreams and confessions a decade ago.
  • The areas of my life that I have not made significant progress in are the areas that I omitted, ignored or took for granted in my dreams and confessions a decade ago.
  • The extent of my progress so far is a direct reflection of the extent of progress my mind could conceive a decade ago.

Scary, isn’t it? Well, I think it is exciting too!

While my mind has significantly expanded from what it was ten years ago, I failed to dream and confess in accordance with the growth of my mind as it was happening. I was too focused on achieving the dreams and aspiration from before, that I forgot to shift the goal post.

This realization came at the right time – the end of one decade.

So, as the year 2020 starts a new decade, I am developing new dreams and confessing them as I go. I am investing in the development of my mind because it has to be able to conceive that dream before my eyes can see it and my mouth confess it.

How am I expanding my mind?

  • First, I changed church. Don’t misconstrue that statement. The church I attended in the last decade changed my life forever. I grew. I became the woman I have always wanted to be. I found myself in the light of God’s word. I still consider myself a member of that church no matter what. However, a different church is going to get me through the next decade of my life and I gladly embraced it. Its been eight weeks and I have no regrets. Its been expository, back to back!
  • Four months ago, I began my MBA journey. It was for a different reason, but in the light of the shifts in perspective that I have experienced, the objectives have changed. My mind is expanding and I am excited about the career and professional opportunities it presents.
  • I am reading more. From the Bible to books, to articles, online and offline. I listen to podcasts and watch videos. I have also become very selective of things I allow my mind to consume.

The idea is to feed my mind with the right things so that it is equipped to conceive the best of what the next decade will be for me.

So, what do I see for the next decade?

I see friendship, love, passion, marriage, children, wealth, beauty, respect, freedom, health, family, progress, excellence and growth.

The list above is not just another cliché, they are all in the picture. And that picture is the least my life will be in this decade.

Until you read from me again,


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