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Romantic Relationships and Friendships are Both ‘Ships’
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Romantic Relationships and Friendships are Both ‘Ships’


I’ve started staying up late again. Last night, I was thinking to myself how alike friendships and romantic
relationships/marriages can be. Yes, I know certain elements and expectations are excluded from one, but
at the core of it all, what’s left?

I think that important relationships like friendships, marriages, and everything else in between have all of
these in common. There’s communication. Trust. Sharing a life. Being there for each other. Discussing
things that affect each other. Listening and dishing out hard truths. Standing and rooting for each other.
Compromise. Sharing. Creating memories. Laughing together. Crying too.

Now, these things seem pretty basic, but they’re a lot deeper than they seem. Your life is very poor indeed
if you have no one to call or text when life hits you a gbas gbos. Or if there’s no one to celebrate with when
good news rolls in. Of course, there are those random times in between when you just need to connect
and talk with someone to remind yourself that you’re human, alive, and not alone. Our lives are a lot richer
with friends.

Again, all of this sounds so basic, until you examine what people tag as friendships in this time and age. In
a nutshell, it can be someone to hang out with and take selfies with, but who has no idea what’s really
happening with you, because you don’t want them to have more fodder for gossip. For many, relationships
(friendships and marriages) are all show for the ‘gram with no depth whatsoever.

I expect that there’s a lot more it takes to make marriage work that I can’t yet see from where I’m sitting,
but I’d say good marriages and romantic relationships are built on the ability to have solid friendships.
But please don’t take my word for it. I’m only a single Pringle. :blush:

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