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Steps to Self Discovery
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Steps to Self Discovery


There is nothing as satisfactory as knowing that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. To know that you are exactly where you should be. This essentially, is what life is about – the discovery of our individual bliss. We go through life searching for that one thing – an understanding of who we really are.  A discovery of our life’s purpose.  It is not a destination; it is a journey, one that can sometimes take us to places we don’t recognize. But no matter how rough the road may seem, knowing that we are where we should be a source of happiness and fulfillment. Here are some tips to self-discovery.

What is your unique purpose?

Each one of us is unique and special. Our uniqueness is what makes the world a better place. However, this is better done when each person fulfill their purpose.

Do you know what your unique purpose is?

To find your purpose, you need to be guided by real data and not just emotions. Below are some questions that can guide you to finding your unique purpose:

  • Is there anything specific that you always feel dissatisfied about?
  • Do you light up when talking about a specific subject area?
  • What are your unique gifts?
  • What’s your passion?
  • Is there anything that you love so much that it even makes you forget to eat?

The answers to those questions will start guiding you on what your unique purpose is. It is a great step towards self-discovery.

Be honest with yourself

One interesting fact is that we make ourselves believe so many things about ourselves, some of which aren’t true.

In the journey to self-discovery, you need to be brutally honest with yourself. This will need you to answer some questions that you’ve probably avoided for most or even all your life. Below are some good guiding questions:

  • Are there things you assume about yourself that may not be necessarily true?
  • What are some of your behaviors that totally put off others?
  • How do you feel about the people you hurt?
  • What evil thoughts do you entertain?
  • In which areas in life are you merely pretending?

Yes, they may be difficult to answer. However, they are very effective in helping you discover yourself.

Get some help

We all need help, no matter how strong we try to appear. Even when it comes to your self-discovery journey, you will need someone to hold your hand.

Talk to someone you trust and ask if they can help you in your self-discovery journey. Having an accountability partner will help you keep in step with your goals. This needs to be someone who is always free tell you the plain truth, but also motivate you towards your higher calling.

They need to properly understand that success for one person is success for humanity. This way, they will be very passionate to help you succeed in your self-discovery journey.

Celebrate your achievements

Positive reinforcement does not only work for children. In any good journey, you need to always celebrate the seemingly small achievements.

This journey to self-discovery will help you attract wonderful things in your life. As you discover many things about yourself, you will gain the power to control your outcomes. Your chances of success will increase. Keep taking note of every achievement, no matter how small and celebrate it like someone who just won the lottery!


Self-discovery is very important for today’s woman. It helps you make better decisions, live happily and become more successful. Thinking of your purpose, being honest with yourself, getting help and celebrating your achievements will help you discover yourself and come out of that prison within. Just imagine how great it will feel when you’re truly free, living your dream and fulfilling your purpose. It all starts with that single step.

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