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Why You should use Cucumber on your Eyes
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Why You should use Cucumber on your Eyes

Cucumber for eye care

I’m sure that someway or the other, you’ve seen women with cucumber slices on their eyes. Either in a spa, movie, picture, etc, you have come across this, right? I’ve always wondered why??? I really didn’t get it. I did some research and this is what I found out.

Cucumbers are pretty healthy and are loaded with nutrients like thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin b6, calcium magnesium all of which are essential for healthy vision. All of these make it very beneficial when applied to the skin. Remember the skin around your eyes is very delicate and is probably the part of the body with the thinnest skin.

This is why the eyes are usually the first parts of the face you get to see wrinkles.

So why cucumbers?

Cucumbers are said to contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid that can aid in lowering water retention in the eyes. This triggers an anti inflammatory effect and cools the  temperature. This function is actually magnified when you let the cucumber slices chilll in the fridge before putting them on your eyes.

Do you usually have puffy eyes or bags under your eyes? You really should try it out.

Cucumbers have a lightening effect so they work well if you find that you usually have dark circles under your eyes as a result of stress. Cucumbers contain about 95% water! That’s why it’s excellent for moisturizing and hydrating the skin around your eyes. Cucumbers are also said to provide relief from sunburn, help in improving the skin’s complexion and in tightening open pores.

You can also use cucumbers as an anti aging/ anti wrinkle treatment.

They contain phytochemicals that help in tightening and firming up the outer layer of the skin.

You can use cucumbers in the following ways:

  • By putting the slices on your eyes.
  • By extracting the juice and then applying it around your eyes and face with cotton wool.
  • You could also use it by grating it to a paste and applying it around your eyes and face as well.

Do it consistently for a month and you’ll see results.

To see more benefits, don’t forget to include cucumbers in your diet! It’s extremely affordable, low in calories and packed with beneficial nutrients.


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