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COVID19 – How I have been Fairing
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COVID19 – How I have been Fairing

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Yeah yeah yeah…I know. Its been a minute and then some. But what can I say? I have been adjusting to life since the pandemic hit. This blog entry is not to tell you about COVID-19 or its impact around the world or even in my country. I will rather share with you what I have been up to and how I have been faring despite the coronavirus.

My Small Project Saved the Day

Recall my blog entry  – I have more time and how I was reassessing the functionality of one of the products my company offers? Well, that reassessment led to a product redesign which took over six months to complete. The product essentially allows the company to deliver its services remotely and more efficiently. The amazing thing is that the product was ready to launch just around the time the COVID-19 cases in China became global news. Fast forward a couple months, my city was going into lockdown to curb the spread of the virus and my company was moving all its customers on to the platform my little project created. The project also allowed us to be able to recruit more customers and carry on our core services remotely.

I shudder to think about what would have happened if I had not taken the step when I did, or lead the project through to completion. I had so many reasons to stop, from the demonstration of low morale by some of my team members and disappointments by some suppliers.

I must say that in retrospect, I am certain I could not have done what I did with sheer will and that it was the Holy Spirit that inspired me and kept me through to the finish line.

I Started My Digital Marketing Private Practice

The company I used to work with is a Digital Marketing agency and I picked up a lot of skills relevant to that industry. So, when an old friend complained about not getting value for his Digital Ad spend, I offered to help. It did feel good being back in that game and I enjoyed seeing my skills being brought to life. I also love that it is a job that can be done remotely and that allows me to be focused on my primary job responsibilities. Above all, I grateful for the extra earnings that came with it. The sound of the credit alert was music to my ears and I am proud to say I used my earnings to invest in cryptocurrencies.

I am learning the French Language

I currently speak two – English and Yoruba, but I have always wanted to learn another language. A language that is international. The French language appears to be the lowest hanging fruit that meets the criteria. One of my closest friends is very fluent in French, there are a number of French-speaking countries bordering Nigeria and I have found myself in a French-speaking country more than once.

So, I turned to the most widely used learn-a-language application – Duolingo. So far, it’s been interesting. I am expanding my French vocabulary and enjoying every bit. I even surprised myself by my dedication to it. In the last 60 days, I haven’t missed more than 2 days in my learning and I get to compete with other learners for the weekly leaderboard. It is fun and entertaining. My favourite feature in the application is the short stories. I find the dialogues witty and fun.

I Joined Million Money

Lol…I know, I hate the name too. What the heck were the founders thinking? Anyway, before you criticize me, let me explain to you why I joined.

  • I trust the person who told me about it.
  • The financial risk was low – under $10
  • It sounded easy
  • The reward was too good to ignore.

In another blog entry, I will review the reasons I joined and share with you what my findings are since I joined. However, if you have not heard about Million Money let me just simplify it for you. It is a form of multilevel marketing that is built on blockchain and uses a cryptocurrency called Ethereum. Due to the bad reputation multilevel marketing has gained, a lot of million money members have avoided the use of that description, I don’t blame them. They call it a crowdsourcing platform; some say it is a social community. But for the sake of a simplified description, I will call it what it is. Multilevel Marketing.

Now, all of these I have been doing from the comfort of my home. Although the lockdown has been lifted in my city, the management of my organization decided to maintain the work-from-home order in order to protect staff members from the hazards of commuting to the office. I must say, working from home has been beneficial in so many ways. I am able to get more things done under a lesser amount of stress. I am able to maintain a better diet and also saving more financially.

When the pandemic hit, I made up my mind that I was going to make the best of it – I must say, I am not doing so badly. I am taking precautions and maintaining a higher level of hygiene, I am avoiding crowded place, maintaining social distancing and going out only when it is absolutely necessary. It is difficult finding a comfortable spot in my small apartment to work from, but I am getting by.

I miss being able to travel though. Normally, this is the time of year where I actively plan my summer and I had my sights on Zanzibar. But I am grateful for life and for health. I am also eagerly looking forward to when all will be well with the world again.

Until you read from me again…


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