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Fresh Starts

Fresh Start

Dear May,

I am starting again with you. This time, there is no looking back. Heck, there is nothing to look back at anymore.

I had an interesting conversation with my sister today, and she said something really deep. I have heard those words before, and I may have said them one time or the other, but coming from my sister gave it a lot of depth. She said, “…to attract the kind of man you want, you must work at being the kind of woman he wants…” (she was telling me about an advice she gave to a mutual friend). With those words, all that I had begun to do this month began to make more sense to me and I am more determined to be the woman I want to be.

I am trying to make a habit of stepping out of my comfort zone.  Here are some of the things I have started doing.

  1. I went back to the gym. The kind of lean toned body I desire is possible and I am committing to work at it.
  2. I started learning how to swim. I have only done one lesson so far, and I am excited about the progress I am making.
  3. I started making moves to finding my own apartment. I deserve a home I can call mine and I will get it.
  4. I am going back to learning the French. It will be really cool to perfect that language.
  5. I will find a dance class. Salsa…maybe.

I believe there is more to my existence than it just being about me, so I am also working on building my public profile and being more deliberate about my personal branding.  I want to be known for something. I won’t give up; I will keep fighting for that woman I am supposed to be.

This will require that I step out of my comfort zone. For someone like me, that is a big deal. But there is a side of me that is crying out for expression, a side of me that wants to be let loose, a part of me that beckoning for discovery. It’s time to let it free. I will break some personal records; I will stop conforming to other people’s expectation of me. I may even disappoint some family and friends.

But I will discover me.

I will learn new lessons. I will break new records. I will laugh harder than I ever thought was possible. I will discover sides of me I never thought existed.  I will make new friends. I will find more joys and know greater levels of happiness.

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