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My Short Story 1
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My Short Story 1

Helicopter on a golf course

She kept a smile on her face as she continued to stare at her reflection in the mirror. One hand holding the phone to her ear and the other shielding her mouth so that the quiver of her lips does not give her away. She will be damned if she let the hairstylist see her break down now. Shoulders back, head straight, she broadened her smile and ended the call.

If this is how Dave wants it to go, then she is game.

Over the next 4 hours, she surrendered her body into the capable hands of the professionals at Stunnin – the topmost beauty clinic in Lagos. She made it very clear she does not want any invasive procedure but was open to anything short of that. She wanted a complete makeover and since Danlad was paying for it, she might as well push to the very boundaries of her limits. One thing is certain, she wants the person who walks out of Stunnin to be completely different from the person who walked in.

Never has anyone given her as much attention as Danlad has in the last 6 months. At first, she ignored him, she had to. His reputation preceded him. The tabloids and gossip blogs have cashed in big-time publishing stories about his conquests. He had become the rite of passage for young ladies who crave quick fame. She has no intention to be one of them. So when Danlad sets his sights on her after a brief encounter at his father’s company, she vehemently told him off.

But, he persisted. It was as though he was immune to the jab of rejection. He never took it personally. At some point, he announced to her that he would do everything to take down her wall of defence. And he did one brick after another. Danlad chased her with a reckless abandon. He was patient, confident and committed.
However, never did he mince words about what he wanted. It was clear that he enjoyed the chase and had every intention to savour the conquest. He was honest, open and generous. He was clear about what he was offering – an invitation, to step into the ocean and test the waters she had never been. He was oddly reassuring about it too, promising that he would never let her drown.

He reached for the part of her that is adventurous, that has been begging to be let loose, and held on until every other part of her went quiet. One layer after another, he unveiled the person that she truly was I till she could no longer say no.

There was only one connection stronger than Danlad’s hold on her, Dave. But he just rejected her. Her only lifeline has been severed.

As if on cue, Daland sends her an itinerary describing what would be the most romantic getaway she would ever experience. She heard herself accept and knew that she had just offered herself to be Danlad’s latest conquest. Now, she is walking out of Stunnin, definitely not the woman who walked in.

A Mercedes was waiting.
“Good evening Madam,” the chauffeur said as he opened the door. She got in.
“Mr Danlad is waiting at the helipad” he added, shutting the door and going over to the driver’s seat.
She sank deeper into the car seat, tilted her head upwards and closed her eyes.

Her life is not going to remain the same.

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