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Did I Marry ‘the One’?
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Did I Marry ‘the One’?

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Most women always think their husband is the best. Men think so too but I feel it is more common with women.

As for me, I came to the realization many years ago that there is no ‘the one’.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that it’s not possible to be with someone that satisfies you and completely completes you, yeah, that’s not what I am saying.

Here is my drift in a nutshell.


Ok. My purpose for bringing this to the fore is to guide newlyweds,
spinsters and bachelors and even oldies in the school called marriage.

Why is this important, this view that I am sharing about?

It’s important because the idea that your spouse is ‘the one’ is like a tile floor that can be dry and safe one minute and then be wet and slippery another minute if water or any liquid spills on the tile floor. Water, in this case, has become hazardous.

So it is that finding your spouse so good that you feel they are the only one for you can become a good thing that turns bad or hazardous.

Don’t peddle this view, you may just be surprised when you meet someone or a few others that look and behave as great or as not-too-great as your ‘the one.’ When this happens, if care is not taken, it will come as a rude shock to you. You may even find out that there’s an attraction to this person or people.

Now, knowing beforehand that there is another like your spouse will help you respond appropriately and that will be all. There won’t be any undue affection or attraction because it is nothing new to you that there are others that will flow and blend with you exactly like or even than your ‘the one’ does.

I am saying, IT IS NOT ONLY YOUR ‘the one’ THAT CAN MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL AND CONNECT WITH YOU DEEPLY and knowing this before you have to experience this can save you and your marriage or relationship from an unhealthy distraction.

Now for the unmarried, believing that there is a ‘the one’ for you can make you miss the ones that could be for you.

I know of ladies who keep stalling because they are not sure the guy that is loving and wanting them for keeps is the one for them.

Certainty? That’s an overrated big-headed idea. No! You will not be 100% sure that anyone is ‘the one’ for you. You will need to deal with the fears and uncertainties and embrace love for the right reasons.

Do you love him or her?

Is he or she nice to people generally?


Are you attracted to each other?

Can you stand each other’s flaws?

And some other parameters.

So this said, did you marry ‘the one’? Nope! You married a good one, good for you, not necessarily perfect for you, but good for you, and that’s a lot, that’s actually more than a lot.

This is my hope about the married person reading this.

For the singles, will you marry ‘the one’?


You are not ‘the one’ for anyone, and you won’t marry ‘the one’. You will, however, marry a good one, a good one, good for you, not necessarily perfect for you, but good for you, and that’s a lot, that’s actually more than a lot.

This is my prayer for you.


feji khai

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