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When I don’t Play My Part
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When I don’t Play My Part

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The teacher told him these words.

” You failed again. You have failed all the tests so far, but you haven’t failed in life. You only fail when you quit trying.”

These words stuck in this boy’ s brain and they infused themselves into anything he did from that day onwards.

And today, he has had many successes and many failures, and has won many hearts because he held on, he pushed against the odds.

A word of encouragement from you to someone else can create a lifetime change.

Abigail saved her husband from an untimely death by using words well. Many marriages and relationships are dead and gone because a party left to the other party the responsibility that should have been taken up by any of them.

“Let him do it,” Said the wife

“Let her do it,” Said the husband.

And no one did it.

The story is told of the friend who lost her mother and was surprised and hurt when none of her friends showed up for her as she had done for many of them in the past.

What was the issue? Every one of the friends kept saying to themselves ” Kate is a lovely person and has a good heart. I am certain the others would have visited her.”

You can’t leave to another what is yours to do. No! It’s not a responsible thing to do. Until you do your part, then you don’t yet know how pertinent and forcible the ‘you’ factor is. You are enough to mess up a generation just as you are enough to save it. And if you find this statement unbelievable, then you also don’t know how pertinent and forcible the ‘you’ factor is.

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person and being the right person. You must pay attention to your contributions. Two can tango, always, in every relationship. If it’s a case of a one-man show, then it’s not a relationship, it’s a ‘solemanship’. Yes, permit my new word. I do love to coin words…lol.

If the word ‘Marriage’ were a Part of Speech, it would have been a verb and not a noun. It’s an action word, something you do. You act towards your spouse, you touch her heart with your words, you touch his nipples with your fingers. You do love. You do commitment. You do sacrifice. It’s not something you wish for. You play your part or you lose out.

Only you can play your part. It’s why it’s called yours. When a driver drives, that’s his part, it is the part of the passenger to sit. The two of them must stay with their parts, the steering is made to be controlled by only one person at a time, so are the brakes.

So this morning, onboard a commercial bus, I sat in front with another passenger. As the driver drove us, he not being particularly careful, the man sitting by me kept driving with him, applying his own imaginary brakes. His reflex was high but that’s about all there will ever be to it, as long as he’s not the one behind the steering wheel.

The bus won’t move or stop no matter how high his reflexes, he is not the one to play the part that gets the bus moving.

When it’s your part to be behind the steering, please be there and when it’s not your part, play your part – don’t be there, be where you should be, playing your part there.

When you don’t play your part, a vital part is missing and believe me when I say vital because there is an irreplaceable pertinence in the ‘you factor’, how forcible it is.

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